The 2016 list of banned words from Lake Superior State University

So. It’s time for the 41st annual List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness. Leading the list is my biggest pet word peeve of the last year, the word “so” used unnecessarily at the beginning of a sentence. You’ve undoubtedly heard if if you’ve heard any news reporter on public radio:

HOST: Do the refugees have enough clothing for the weather in the Balkans?
REPORTER: So. It’s winter and …

The “so” is a totally useless thing there, and used in all sorts of answers. Dave says it sounds hipsterish. It’s problematic at best.

Oh, yes. “Problematic” is on the list. Sounds overly complex and academic and vague, they say. The list also includes “conversation” as used in the sense of an invitation to add comments to an online article or story, which of course is not a conversation at all but a bunch of people making their proclamations, often really uninformed ones.

There are more in the link above. So, my stakeholders would be well advised to refrain from these words and phrases, so they will not have to walk back any of their statements in the coming year.

Note: This is the sixth year I’ve written a post on the LSSU Banned Words on New Year’s Eve. Find others by checking out my tag words


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