Dear Non-Muslim Allies:

This went around Facebook and Twitter last week. I retweeted it, but thought it would be worth finding it in a form that I could post here:

Guest Editorial: Dear Non-Muslim Allies, Now Is the Time to Stand Up and Defend Your Fellow Citizens’ Human Rights (The Stranger, Dec. 9, 2015)

Dear non-Muslim Allies,

I am writing to you because it has gotten just that bad. I have found myself telling too many people about the advice given to me years ago by the late composer Herbert Brun, a German Jew who fled Germany at the age of 15: “Be sure that your passport is in order.” It’s not enough to laugh at Donald Trump anymore. The rhetoric about Muslims has gotten so nasty, and is everywhere, on every channel, every newsfeed. It is clearly fueling daily events of targeted violence, vandalism, vigilante harassment, discrimination. I want you to know that it has gotten bad enough that my family and I talk about what to keep on hand if we need to leave quickly, and where we should go, maybe if the election goes the wrong way, or if folks get stirred up enough to be dangerous before the election….

The author is a public interest lawyer from Pennsylvania, and is a devout Muslim who was born in the U.S. Let me reiterate: She is an American citizen who fears she may have to flee her home country.

The biggest threat from public figures such as presidential candidates “speaking their mind” about the so-called Muslim threat in the U.S. is that ordinary people will take it upon themselves to act, to firebomb mosques or attack children in schools. Their freedom of speech does not mean freedom from the consequences of their speech. This is why statements by people like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and others are, frankly, dangerously irresponsible.


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