My Norse ancestors?

Someone on Facebook had a link to this article about how many Algonquian words are awful similar to Old Norse words:

I love that URL, don’t you? The site is actually a conservative site called Free Republic. I don’t know (yet) what the connection between a bunch of Tea Party people is to this research. Anyway, from there it goes to the Ancient Artifact Preservation Society, located, oddly enough, in the U.P. (Its PO box is in a little town southeast of Marquette.) They seem interested in selling stuff and in promoting a big piece of “float copper”.

The guy who wrote the book on this Lenape-Norse connection has a website at .

I have yet to find any “official” discussion of the hypothesis, but I haven’t really tried yet. It’s worth noting that the AAAPF, in the deepest part of their links, has a link to Erich von Daniken. So for all I know, this will come up some evening on Coast to Coast A.M. but maybe there’s something to it. We do know there were Vikings who traveled at least as far as Greenland, and that’s not terribly far from Labrador, especially if there’s a lot of ice — and these travels took place during the Little Ice Age.

I don’t know about the Lenape tongue, but Anishinaabemowin doesn’t have eths and thorns. But what do I know, Mom and I have marveled at blonde Indians at powwows.


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