2014 resolutions

1. I resolve to make no resolutions.

1.5. Wait… that’s a resolution. Crap. Well, I guess I’ll keep going.

2. I resolve to work up to bench pressing an actual bench.

3. I resolve to grow more hair … by using my mind.

4. I resolve to create a new genre of novel: The peace novel. (I typeset an awful lot of war novels in the last few years.)

5. I resolve to find out the formula behind either LJ’s “social capital” or Flickr’s “interestingness” — even if I have to go into The Matrix to do it.

6. I resolve to compose new aphorisms inspired by modern times, such as “A watched device never outputs” … and then copyright, trademark, and patent the hell out of them. Bet Benjamin Franklin wishes he did that, eh?

7. I resolve that this will be the year I finally complete my transcription of Gustav Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde for untrained tenor and steel-string guitar. Or start it, maybe. Or at least listen to the original source.

8. I resolve to get someone to conduct a seance to meet my dead ancestors so I can slap them upside the head and yell “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????”

9. I resolve to discover whether there is life outside of the Internet by installing a web camera just outside my front door that I can watch from my desktop.

I can’t say I did all that well in 2013 or 2012, but I am undeterred in my resolve. I will be after my nap, that is.


About songdogmi

I'm a longhaired almost-hippie stuck in the inner suburbs of a major rust-belt metropolis who's thoughtful, creative, and kind of geeky. In exchange for a paycheck I run around in a cubicle maze most days. When I escape, I play music, hang out in coffee houses, dink around on the computer, take naps, and think I should be off in the woods somewhere. Every once in a while I get in my car and drive far, far away, though I've always come back so far.
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3 Responses to 2014 resolutions

  1. changeling72 says:

    There is only the internet. Life is all a big game.

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