A pointed view of the Russian anti-LGBT issue

So let's be very clear, very fast about what will and won't matter to Putin and his cronies when it comes to protesting. There's no point in pretending that marching around the Olympic Village in Sochi this winter wearing rainbow pins will make a jot of difference, even on the medal-awards platform. “The Kremlin,” Russian LGBT activist Alexei Davydov tells me through an interpreter, “has taken a page from the Middle Ages. Incapable of solving the country's pressing problems, and with Putin's ratings falling, the Kremlin has decided to consolidate society through fear—and to this purpose is engaged in a search for enemies both internal and external. Gays have been chosen as these victims.”

Sticking It to Sochi: Russian LGBT Activists on What Works, The American Prospect, August 12, 2013.


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2 Responses to A pointed view of the Russian anti-LGBT issue

  1. zenicurean says:

    This might be a relevant read. My impression is that Russia can be… weird about things, and very much not in a good way.

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