An atheist church, kind of

Britain’s ‘atheist church’ set to go global
Two comedians have founded a church in the U.K. for atheists — well, it’s not really a “church,” though they meet in an old church. But it functions much as a church would, not based in religious dogma but in all the social aspects churches provide. People meet, converse, hear speakers on relevant topics, and be together. It’s attracting more people than the building can hold, and there are now efforts to create similar spaces around the world.

This is a very cool thing. There are so many things to a church besides the religious teaching that are valuable to the members. Atheists don’t need a church for religious teaching, but to have a gathering to do those other things would be very valuable. Such groups could go on to undertake charity and good works. That could be a big plus. But just the benefit to the members themselves would do much for atheism as a movement.


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2 Responses to An atheist church, kind of

  1. kenny2fl says:

    A very good thing. People can be spiritual without signing on to dogmatic nonsense.

  2. Anonymous says:

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