Today’s music industry rant

I was in a doctor’s office with my mom yesterday, and the staff had a local radio station on that plays pop music. The Gotye song “Somebody That I Used to Know” came on, which has been on the radio here for about a year now, only this time it was different. It suddenly had a drum track, obviously synthesized, that it never had before. They also duplicated the refrain so it now appears three times in the song; the added repeat was between verses one and two.

This means that someone in the music biz said “Y’know, this song is OK, but it would be even better if it sounded just like everything else on the radio!” Because, obviously, it’s not real music unless it’s overproduced within an inch of its life. I mean, come on, can we really not have different sounding music on the radio?


About songdogmi

I'm a longhaired almost-hippie stuck in the inner suburbs of a major rust-belt metropolis who's thoughtful, creative, and kind of geeky. In exchange for a paycheck I run around in a cubicle maze most days. When I escape, I play music, hang out in coffee houses, dink around on the computer, take naps, and think I should be off in the woods somewhere. Every once in a while I get in my car and drive far, far away, though I've always come back so far.
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5 Responses to Today’s music industry rant

  1. songdogmi says:

    I know it sounds like sour grapes coming from the likes of me, but I haven’t been “discovered” by the music biz, and I hope to never be discovered if it means this sort of crap.

  2. maxauburn says:

    This is why I avoid all radio.

    My favorite music will always be classical, music of the 1960’s & 70’s, some country, big band, the blues, and songs that were recorded during 1910 to 1945.

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