Bad week for Canis lupus

1. Isle Royale wolves may go extinct. I’ve been following the New York Times blog Scientist at Work, which has featured one of the scientists who’ve spent seven weeks this winter on Isle Royale studying the wolves and their interactions with the moose herd there (here’s the last post for winter 2012). The AP article above is the most unrestrained I’ve seen them be about the wolf numbers, which dropped from 24 in 2009 to 9 now. The island hasn’t always had wolves, or moose either. In fact, both migrated to Isle Royale in the 20th century, first moose, then wolves about fifty years later. Still the question of whether humans should intervene, and how, is being asked.

2. The Wisconsin state assembly has passed a bill establishing a wolf hunting season in the state, a mere two months after the gray wolf was delisted from the Endangered Species List in the Great Lakes states. The bill is with Governor Scott Walker for his signature. In the assembly it received bipartisan support. Native American tribes have spoken out against the hunt on moral and spiritual grounds. Since reservations comprise much of the land of northern Wisconsin, there is speculation that might make some kind of difference, though it certainly didn’t hold weight with the assembly. At present there are about 800 wolves thought to be in Wisconsin

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4 Responses to Bad week for Canis lupus

  1. changeling72 says:

    I find it sad that the white men still make the laws. They have no regard for the native people, let alone the native fauna.

  2. drgmichels says:


    Natural is all right, unless they make themselves a menace. As with any other critter, I don’t bother (except for what ain’t meat ’til it’s on the table, in season) anything that ain’t botherin’ me.

    However, Komradtt Tony Earl (whom I had met at “Pyare Square” long before he became Governor for a while) squandered $700.oo per head to import wolves as part of his Marxist shit-head effort to make an excuse why we wouldn’t need to hunt (and have food from some source other than Satan Fraudstein’s manipulated markets) to reasonably thin the herds of deer that devastate every crop that I have planted in open fields on my main farm. And, of course, if there’s not “reason” to hunt, there is an implication that there is no “excuse” to be capably armed and effective in “the fields” (woods, whatever) in any way that would be adaptable to defending what God gave this country.

    Native America is certainly welcome to the wolves, (One dancer I remember had a wolf head and skin as part of his attire)and I don’t see any reason to aggressively go hunt them on the Reservations and other Indian lands. Coyotes, too, kill the fawns, AND the fully adult deer, not for food but simply to torture them and watch them die. The same with packs of damned renegade so-called domestic dogs that pack up and kill only to watch things die.

    Wolves, (etc.) are some of the best reasons that I know to be armed (Pistol or whatever) whenever I go into my swamps. Under the several Soviet mentality shit-heads that “governed” the state, it was a massive, big-fine criminal offense to kill a wolf, no matter what it was doing.

    For me, and all of my friends (I’ve never shot a wolf) what that means is: If a wolf (along with coyotes)is causing a PROBLEM we can no longer be blamed for addressing the situation effectively. And that’s good. The other ‘extreme’ is Mourning Doves. Harmless in small numbers and not big enough to eat, I have no reason to “hunt” them, however, I don’t want any Marxist mentality jerk telling me that there is anything that I can’t hunt. My friends and I don’t hunt them.

    MY PRAYER TO THE LIVING GOD is that Tony Satan-sucking Earl (who now sits on “boards of directors” of massive companies) will go “camping” in this great state, and will, very poetically, suffer his demise from “natural causes” as the victim of an attack by HIS wolves.

    A few, far enough away from people and domestic livestock are certainly part of “nature.” An infestation is not.

    Yes, I have an opinion.

  3. maxauburn says:

    White men took over the country violently
    from the Original Americans, and have just about destroyed it.

  4. laurel714 says:

    I was in Wisconsin when they took the wolves off the endangered list. The very next day farmers could file for permits to hunt the wolves if they were considered to be a nuisance.

    I was/am pissed.

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