Shot across the bow of the Internet?

BRICs push for bigger say in running of Internet
… I’m not against the idea of other countries having a say in the Internet. I mean, I’m generally against Western hegemony and keeping other countries down. What worries me is the countries mentioned in the article that want a more tightly controlled Internet,, in ways that line up with their less-than-open regimes. Even worse is the possibility that the U.S. might actually go along with some of it. The article does not speculate in that direction, but after the last decade of developments in the U.S. in the name of security and “the homeland,” I’m not entirely optimistic. It’s way too early to know where things are going, as far as I can tell. Any changes that might affect more than a single country would take years of negotiation and development.

(It occurs to me that I better find some good news to post in LJ soon. “Oh him, he’s such a downer,” people will say. Well, it’s not an entirely happy world, is it?)


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One Response to Shot across the bow of the Internet?

  1. songdogmi says:

    Fatherland, Homeland… if it’s intoned in a certain way, it sounds very sinister similar.

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