It’s been a long hard week. My mom was transfered from the hospital to a rehab facility on Thursday. She’ll be there for between two and three weeks, getting intravenous antibiotics daily and some physical therapy. She’s not happy, because she’s not home. But it’s not a very cheery place, either. The residents are a mix of impaired and very impaired, though she’s in the ward with the most short-timers I think. (There are also more-or-less permanent residents in the facility.) The facility seems to be short-staffed, but I think most any facility is short-staffed these days, especially on weekends. Plus a good number of beds are for Medicare and Medicaid patients, which means revenues aren’t great and a lot of money isn’t going into the latest-and-greatest equipment and physical plant.

One of my concerns is that this is the sort of place anyone could be in if he/she gets ill or disabled enough. As the baby boomer population ages, nursing homes and rehab facilities are going to be slammed with clients and it’s hard to see where they’ll find staff for them (us) all. Maybe instead of putting so many resources into erectile dysfunction drugs, funds could’ve gone somewhere else….

A hint: Try not to get admitted to a rehab facility late in the week around dinnertime. It was very chaotic, and we’re still piecing together the where’s and why’s of the place.


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  1. songdogmi says:

    Thanks 🙂 That would be very very nice indeed.

  2. Anonymous says:


    I don’t know.

    Step-Nephew Phrase: Deny or allow just this one time?


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