Echoes of the passing auto parade

This morning on WDET’s The Craig Fahle Show, I learned that the last DeSoto auto factory was demolished this week, or more exactly the last remnants of it. WDET had an interview with a reporter from The Detroit Bureau, an auto industry website & blog, about the DeSoto and the factory. The Detroit Bureau posted more info about the factory and DeSoto at

The factory was designed by Albert Kahn (who designed several auto factories and other facilities here) and was located at Ford Rd. and Wyoming, which is in Detroit on the border of Dearborn, near where I-94 makes a big turn southwest heading through Dearborn toward the airport. Supposedly it was situated there for the “benefit” of Ford Motor Company executives who had to pass it on their way from their estates in Grosse Pointe to the facilities at the Rouge Plant and Fairlane in Dearborn.

And now… it’s gone. I don’t think I ever saw it, since I go to that part of the world so seldom. Eastsiders rarely go to the west side, you see (and vice versa).*

Speaking of orphans, I also learned during this interview that Maxwells were manufactured at a plant that was finally demolished when Chrysler expanded the Jefferson Avenue Assembly plant on the east side (the closest factory to where we lived from 1962-1974) in the late 80s or 90s.

The Craig Fahle Show makes podcasts available. Go to and look for the 5-27-11 show**; the interview was the first item in the show after the overview of other topics.

* Actually that’s a lot less true nowadays.
** Not up yet at the time this post was written, but it should be there sometime today.


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3 Responses to Echoes of the passing auto parade

  1. maxauburn says:

    Interesting post.

    I like old cars.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I know how you feel. Several years ago I lived next door to this guy and his daughter. Both were druggies and at least once a month, the parametics and cops would show up because one of them had OD’d but didn’t do it fataly. After one such “episode”, I was getting ready to leave for work when the following exchange took place:

    (neighbor bangs on my trunk which scares the crap out of me)

    Neighbor: Hey! What for you called the police on me? I wouldn’t do that to you.

    Me: What in the HELL are you talking about?

    Neighbor: You mean you didn’t call the police on me

    Me: No I didn’t

    Neighbor: Oh I see. ok (then mumbled something unintelageable as he stumbled away)

    You know I can’t remember the old man’s name but I rememeber the conversation like it was yesterday, and this happened back in 1995

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