Finally, a friend on Facebook asked a question that no one (apparently) has dared to ask until now: After 35 years of leading Libya, why is Moammar Gadhafi still only a colonel?

I mean, couldn’t he just order someone to promote him to general, or even Exalted Supreme Commander of All Libyan Forces? What’s the point of being a dictator if you can’t get that?

The father of the friend who posed this query came up with a possible answer: “He’s a modest man.”

Does his army have generals? If so, how do they feel taking orders from a colonel? And if not, how was the army doing so well against the opposition?

Finally, how do you spell his name, anyway? Is it “Gadhafi” or “asshole”? (Yes, I stole that joke too.)


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2 Responses to Imponderables

  1. zenicurean says:

    He’s always explained that simply promoting himself further was unnecessary since Libya is governed by its people and not by its military. So, being a humble man, he’s content with being the “Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Great First of September Revolution of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya” or something to that general effect.

    Hilariously, it is technically correct, as the Libyan government recently protested, that since Mr Gaddafi has no official job within the government (which he rules with an iron fist), he can’t step down from one either.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wish someone would actually reinstate Pluto
    as a planet!

    Poor Clyde Tombaugh.. he must be furious over this, even while he’s in the afterlife!

    It’s been what? 5 years almost since Pluto was
    deleted from being one of the nine planets.

    That is lame. Only about 3 percent of all the Astronomical Society actually voted!

    I’m still looking forward to July 2015, for New Horizons to reach Pluto, and then, finally, we’ll get our first real look at Pluto.

    I’m adding you as a friend. I like how you think.

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