Regarding the Amazon rankings issue

ArsTechnica: Call for boycott follows Amazon nuking GLBT sales rankings — This seems to be a balanced review of events as of Monday afternoon. The latest working theory is that some of the user reporting features were gamed in a way that caused books to drop out of the rankings, in an unintended consequence of the latest version of both subsystems. (Read the article for clearer explanations, or this LJ post for an insider-like view.) The ArsTechnica article closes with this:

As for Amazon, the company isn’t admitting whether it was punked. It is, however, taking measures to ensure it can’t happen again. “Many books have now been fixed and we’re in the process of fixing the remainder as quickly as possible, and we intend to implement new measures to make this kind of accident less likely to occur in the future,” Amazon told us.

It’s worth noting that even a large company such as Amazon would have had a short staff on a holiday weekend, and it does take time to fix things.


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