Now We Are Five

Today is the fifth anniversary of my LiveJournal. I should’ve baked it a cake.

I think that when I started it, I had some plan that I would write those newspaper-column type essays that I always thought I would write someday. Really, when I was a kid, I wanted to write a newspaper column. I don’t remember the names of the great columnists of my youth at the moment (except for local legend Bob Talbert, that is), but modern day equivalents would be Paul Krugman, Thomas Friedman, or Mitch Albom, maybe. Ah, dreams…. I’ve done a few pieces closer to that end of the spectrum, but I learned that it takes a lot of work to write about current affairs consistently, and given that I have a job that takes a lot of work, most of what I write here isn’t what one would call great editorial literature. Mencken continues to rest undisturbed.

But I still enjoy it here, still enjoy writing, and especially enjoy reading other people’s journals. It was discovering other people writing fascinating things here that I was inspired to start my own. I didn’t know these folks, but I was still drawn in. I think the first LJ I looked at regularly was Ozy & Millie creator D.C. Simpson’s. Soon after that I discovered axiomaxiom‘s fine writing, and even though I still haven’t “friended” either I follow both journals on and off. I even read their friends lists, even though I have a friends list of my own.

I do like my friends list too. Lots of interesting and entertaining people are on it, some of whom I know, some of whom I’d like to meet in “meatspace” someday. It’s been fun, and I’m glad you’re all there writing and reading. That goes for the anonymous posters too (you know who you are).

Like a corporate annual report, here’s the statistical portion:

Journal entries: 1,069
Comments: Posted: 4,009 – Received: 3,339

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

Top Commenters on songdogmi‘s Journal

Total comments: 3339

1 songdogmi 1376
2 altivo 376
3 jjfmi 252
4 ferndalealex 205
5 hellmutt 135
6 Anonymous 111
7 georgelicious 98
8 mysannthropy 88
9 animist 78
10 bonezman 55
11 tissuesan 48
12 primroseburrows 45
13 zenicurean 39
14 petit_mort 27
15 bill_bill 24
16 blackiethedark 24
17 amarannth 24
18 nergye 24
19 robearal 22
20 tastyeagle 22
21 shadowbear_ 22
22 keanubear 21
23 ogam 20
24 rambear 18
25 aaron_of_mpls 17
26 a_siegel 16
27 songdog 16
28 vaneramos 15
29 fatbearman 14
30 ladymam 13
31 ducktapeddonkey 12
32 hantsbear 11
33 stitchjock 8
34 envirobear 6
35 bigbear4xl 6
36 chipuni 5
37 urso 5
38 mystic506 5
39 banjobraids 4
40 twobraids 4
41 kitaspath 3
42 wet_in_sf 3
43 truckerbear 3
44 benpanced 3
45 las 2
46 eselgeist 2
47 yogabear 2
48 ilexv 1
49 obsidianbear 1
50 artamonio 1
51 westwind_mv 1
52 bachelor_farmer 1
53 worthitt 1
54 furr_a_bruin 1
55 alan_gilmore 1
56 chrisglass 1
57 walruswoman 1

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About songdogmi

I'm a longhaired almost-hippie stuck in the inner suburbs of a major rust-belt metropolis who's thoughtful, creative, and kind of geeky. In exchange for a paycheck I run around in a cubicle maze most days. When I escape, I play music, hang out in coffee houses, dink around on the computer, take naps, and think I should be off in the woods somewhere. Every once in a while I get in my car and drive far, far away, though I've always come back so far.
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8 Responses to Now We Are Five

  1. YES! I made the top ten!

  2. jjfmi says:

    Number three- not bad! (Actually, number two – if you discount your own comments/replies.)

    On second thought… “Number Two”… ummm…..

    See you Saturday! πŸ™‚

  3. vaneramos says:

    Happy blogday! I’m glad to see I’ve commented a few times. I’ve enjoyed having you around.

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