Don’t give up the ship!

I hatched this topic earlier today, before I saw that the McCain campaign has been very prolific with inaccurate attack ads and the Obama campaign (and supporters) are now defending themselves. That’s probably worth a post, but then we have Rachel Maddow on her new MS:NBC show, which I saw tonight, so I will put that off myself.

What bothered me over the last couple of days was the number of things I saw in cyberspace where the poster basically said “Oh, well, McCain/Palin will win, anyway.” The authors weren’t Republicans or conservatives; they seemed to be people who want a different outcome. I guess their statements were based on polls released over the last few days that indicate the race is very close. I heard of one poll where he’s a couple of points ahead, and another poll that indicated the Republican ticket was appealing to more white women than McCain was attracting before Palin was nominated. In most polls the Democratic ticket is slightly ahead of the Republican ticket, but within the margin of error.

Remember earlier in the year, there were more than a few published and broadcast reports of people saying “I like so-and-so, but he’ll never get elected.” Is this the same thing again? It seems to me that the surest way to lose is to not believe you can win. If enough people don’t vote for someone because s/he “can’t win,” then s/he won’t win. If enough people concede the election seven weeks before election day, then it doesn’t matter who was the better candidate.

After the last 7 1/2 years, all the shenanigans, the unconstitutional acts, the fearmongering, the squandering of our international good will, and the economic shambles we’re currently in, the Republican Party does not deserve to govern the nation anymore. Do not let them have another four years just because you don’t believe you deserve any better.


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5 Responses to Don’t give up the ship!

  1. ferndalealex says:

    “In a democracy the people get the government they deserve.” (Seen it attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville).

    Two or three months is a long time in politics, though not quite the “forever” of six months. So if the Palin-mania of the last couple weeks seems overwhelming just exercise some patience and get out and talk up one’s own candidate.

    Also, in all these polls where are the undecided voters? It isn’t conceivable that less that 5% of the electorate has made up their mind how they’re going to vote.

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